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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Experiment falling apart

It's a sad news.
As soon as I reached home today, I noticed one of the transplanted Romaine Lettuce has "collapsed" !

 The "collapsed" crop after uprooted by me

I've actually transplanted all some 1.5 weeks ago. This was one that had not grown any roots aquaponically (I believe this is the correct term to use instead of hydroponic).

The transplantation as of 1.5 weeks ago. The collapsed one today is on the right.

Ironically, the one that was transplanted very early on, even before the appearance of roots as in earlier post, is showing the best of signs.

  At the same time I started this experiment, I also tinkered with composting using a small container and organic soil (the same soil as used in above photos). The organic scraps were of those Romaine Leave plucked off from the lower stem.
  When I was digging in to add in some fresh carrot peels leftover today (some 3 weeks since start), I noticed the bugs below. No wonder the cabbage scraps I added in some two days ago got chewed up so fast. I recalled during the start, the Romaine leaves remained intact even after 3 days....
  A search on the internet did not help me identifying it, so hopefully some of you who stops by here can .... Hope I'm not rearing some pests here...( I did kept the compost soil very moist most of the time )

kl vegetable garden


  1. It looks awfully similar to little bugs normally found in old rice... I have a feeling it travels right from Cameron Highlands as little egg. ~bangchik

  2. It looks like a grub, which is the larval stage of a beetle. The eggs may have been in the soil or in the plant scraps you added to the compost. You could keep feeding them and they'll eventually pupate and later emerge as an adult beetle. Then you'll know for sure what kind it is.

  3. ew... Jim, the uncertainty has already gotten over me. Unless there are somebody out there that can help me identify this for sure, I'm letting it dry & end itself slowly.
    bangchik, i'm pretty sure it's not rice bettle, my wife & I have seen a fair share of them in our lives...

  4. This looks like some kind of maggot. I have taken your poll. If you need to know where to buy kekabu, send me an email.

  5. Autumn Belle,
    Thx to Jim, after googling,I think it could be the grub of the Japanese White Beetle or similar, (it's a beetle for sure, ha).
    I realised today that I actually passed by a kampung shop that sells kekabu in puchong (beside LDP USJ toll) all this while. My wife noted that they are selling the kekabu at RM13 per bag (roughly the size of a black trash bag). They also sell bolster, pillow & etc..
    ~ kl vegetable garden


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