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Monday, May 10, 2010

Green costs ?

Invested RM 15 for a container - RM5 (pictured below), 2 x 7L all-purpose potting soil - RM4/ea and a 7L bag of black soil - RM2, today at the nearby nursery located at Happy Garden (Off Old Klang Rd). 

I just love this kind of "self-watering" container.
Not only that you need not worry about watering so much, it's also much easier to move them around without the saucers / pans that conventional pots/containers need.

hmmph, never shop for your gardening needs from supermarket chain-store unless absolutely no choice!
Just realised that the rectangle container I bought earlier from Carrefour could be had at only RM10.90 from this nursery. However, please note that some nursery do sell at prices same as the supermarkets. Do your hunting (shopping that is) !
Stay tuned, for these will be used to grow the Red Amaranth seeds !

kl vegetable garden


  1. I do agree with you regarding the usefulness of this container. It is good that you can find a nursery that supplies to most of your needs at reasonable prices.

  2. Wow, that's a reasonable price! Does the nursery still sell this type of self-watering pots at this price?


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