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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yeahoo , we... have... ... ... seedlings !!!!

Seedlings from Red Amaranth set B. 2 seeds, 100% germination.
These are at day 2 (3 days as I count from 0).

Bet you can't see where the seedlings are.... hee hee.. 
These are at day 3 (4 days as I count from 0).
Even at this young stage, note how it is already inheriting the red tinge signature of red amaranth !

The 5 cents coin is there for scale. The coin is ~16mm in diameter. 

It feels like a whole new world if you ask me. 
They looked marvellously full of life even though they are so minuscule.
Amazingly at this young stage, it's already so smart... note how they are slanted to one side towards the bright light direction !
Phew! What a relief, anticipations and anxieties will not have a chance to torture me anymore. 
It's now babysitting everyday to nurture them into strong young-lings and then will have to think about thinning.
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