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Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Container

Bought this container the same time the red amaranth seeds pack was bought.
RM15.90 from Carrefour

Went around the compound of the condo and collected stones that were lying around on the grass patches, fruit tree shades....
    My wife and I armed ourselves with just a 500g cornflake paper box and a plastic bag for each of our right hand. We were amazed a 4/5 full box has more than enough stone to lay for a draining layer on this new container. 
    The brand of this container is Gafri as opposed to Baba (cheaper too for the same size) which I'm pretty sure every container gardener in Malaysia will gripe about the lack of brand choices and in turn design choices + pricing...

The container with the stone draining layer (~1" thick)

kl vegetable garden

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